Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Only Wish We Could Be So Lucky...

to get the break that Jennifer Lopez received. After the breakout movie Selena she was asked if she wanted to record an album, she told Tommy Matola that she "really didn't sing" but hey if that would get her closer to the ultimate goal of superstardom...why not. Needless to say in the beginning she was horrid. How do I know this you ask? I am actually a industry insider. Anyway that's not important, she would go around the studio shaking her ass in front of the guys saying things like "those girls (referring to whoever was in the studio getting the attention she wanted) can't do this...they can't shake it like this." Like most other celebs she was attention hungry. When she began dating one of the members from the male R & B group All 4 One, she was dancing as a "Fly Girl" on "In Living Color"she told him "I want to be at your side wherever you go." She was determined to get to the lime light and one of those who would do anything to get it. Which is why she was stuck to Puffy like glue and also why I will proceed to Blast her. Not only before the Selena movie she would engage in shall we say intimate rendezvous with anyone she thought was gong to the top, but when she finally got to the top, whom ever was at the top she would conquer, i.e. Sean "P.Diddy" Combs and Ben Afleck.

She worked closely with a producer by the name of Corey Rooney who produced Mariah Carey and Christina Milian. And in a recording session one day I heard her say when Corey was getting frustrated with her not getting the song right "what do you want me to do sing like I'm a F****** singer??" J.Lo, although we wish you much continued success I think of all those other singers who look just as good and can vocally blow you out the water, maybe you filled a spot where they could have actually given the world well rounded talent. For that your are


hold on not quite finished yet, I have a little more Blasting to do. For the time when you left Diddy in his most fragile state, the trial, and not wanting to damage your image, but yet running back to him in between Chris and Marc you are


Monday, December 1, 2008

It All Started When...

my sisters and I were at the Aventura Mall in Florida having a lovely time shopping for wedding of my youngest sister. When we saw the Premier Dead Sea Products Kiosk . I excitedly approched the kiosk taking off my wedding ring and asked to try the hand washing demonstration. Just completely unaware of what was about to come. I was ignored and she proceeded to tell my sister about some nail filing product...who cares about that? I told her again, in a polite manner of course, that I wanted to try the handwashing demonstration. She told me I had to purchase a product, (the first lie) and then I had to pay $5(the second lie). I said I see the demonstration kit right there why can't we get the service. She began to poke me in my face with each word she said..."I can look into your eyes and tell that your not going to buy anything." I was in complete shock! Then she told me if I wanted to get my hands washed then "you should go to the bathroom"! This event completely ruined our night! Now you may be saying, okay what a snot no biggie right? Well it doesn't end there we told the girl how pissed we were, walked away and I immediately called their headquarters. We went into Victoria's Secret and when we came out there she was washing the hands of 2 white women. At this point now we are furious because of what we're witnessing and because in 2008 3 black women were denied a service because of our skin color. How crazy is THAT? So once the associates saw that we were very upset the manager who was sitting there the ENTIRE time the first scenario happened, came up and began to say "it wasn't anything racial" apologizing and offering the hand demonstration. Of course we didn't want anything they offered and walked away. We were about 1 minuite into walking away when another associate ran up to us offering free products to us. Begging us to take their products. We declined and the original culprit NEVER apologized herself!!

To the kiosk in Aventura Mall carrying the Premier Dead Sea Products you have officially been


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